Iron Fist
Drive In

Storage space optimisation. Move your goods safely with our Iron Fist Drive In.

Iron Fist Drive In-Laterale

Shelving for storing bulky wares

Sloped rails made to steer wares in even wider spaces and to keep pallets in the middle during loading stages.

The rail is a unique element that differentiates the Iron Fist Drive In from other racks with similar features. The structure doesn’t require welding, but uses innovative interlocking systems that make its assembly even easier and significantly increase storage capacity.

Iron Fist Drive In-Frontale



Double-folded and with great thickness, ROSSS’ rail provides more payload, safety and distance between fastenings.


Designed for all weights, ROSSS’ uprights boast a new type of trellised scaffolding that optimises the load capacity through a uniform strength distribution.


Double the thickness in areas where the level of stress is greatest, thanks to the coupling of the “C” profiles of the beams.

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Diagonals and Horizontals

Diagonals and horizontals are metal profiles for joining uprights, increasing their load-bearing capacity.

Base plates

The base plates act as a support for the shelving unit to be set on the floor.


Inserted and then fixed on the upright and the rail, it provides a safer structure for the shelving, without sharp edges, which eases the insertion of the pallets.

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The advantages of a ROSSS product

The galvanisation of our uprights is Z200, higher than the market average. The result? Greater protection and higher resistance to wear, corrosion and weathering, guaranteeing a longer lasting structure.

Great effectiveness on the cutting area, too: the Z200 galvanising offers an excellent drag effect, allowing significantly higher protection on the cutting area, which increases product safety.

The frame configuration allows the storage of goods with high load capacities. Longitudinal bars, integrated with depth bars, horizontal bars and vertical cross bracing, ensure the stability of the shelving.

Zero sharp edges, zero risk of injury. The interlocking structure leaves no possible areas of bruising exposed, ensuring the safety of products and staff during handling procedures.

The rails are realised with great thicknesses and double bends, thus increasing the load-bearing capacity and safety as well as allowing for greater spacing of the fasteners, with important economic advantages.

Safe entry into the aisle thanks to rails installed in the floor. These accessories facilitate forklift manoeuvres and ensure the correct positioning of pallets.

Improved system adaptability. How? Thanks to the connection pitch of the rail of only 50mm.

Thanks to their optimal surface exploitation, Drive-In shelving offers a higher storage capacity than conventional solutions.

Easy installation and low cost are just two of the main advantages of the Drive-In, which is also able to generate significant energy savings.

The attachment bolt, with a self-locking blockhead, provides an easy and fast assembly, with a quick block when approaching when nearing the nut (elastic stop).

The Drive In system is easily extendable, so that the storage capacity can be expanded according to any need, both present and future.

Each lane of our Iron Fist Drive In stores a unique item. The result? Greater control and management of all stocks.

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