ROSSS and the SmartISS Project

It is with pleasure that we communicate that ROSSS S.p.A. is working on another project, the SmartISSS Project (Smart Industrial Steel Structures), co-financed under Tuscany FESR 2014-2020. The SmartISS project aims at the creation of a competitive supply chain able to design and build self-supporting steel warehouses with high receptive potential and high level of…

stella al merito del lavoro

A day for the Masters of Labor

On the 12th January, the municipal administration of Scarperia and San Piero, together with the Regional Consul of the Masters of Labor Federation Eng. Alberto Taiti, the Provincial Consul of Florence of the same Federation Bruno Barbugli and the Commendatore Silvano Simone Bettini, met the citizens residing in the municipalities that have been awarded the…

gema montese

GEMA and ROSSS… Winning collaboration

Recently Gema Magazzini Generali, a company from Castelnovo Sotto nel Reggiano won the « Logistic of the Year 2018«  award by Assologistica, the national association of logistics operators for third parties, for its warehouse built in the municipality of Montese (MO) and inaugurated last June. A recognition to which the group of companies attributable to the…

AUDIT ISO 9001 – ISO 14001 E EMAS

A la suite des audits exécutés par l’Organisme de Contrôle KIWA CERMET le 5 – 6 juillet 2018, concernant les certification ISO 9001:2015 – ISO 14001:2015 et le Règlement EMAS, nous vous informons qu’aucun problème spécifique n’est apparu. Les résultats de ces audits sont soumis à l’attention du Comité de Certification.