Heavyweight storage

Heavy loads

Shelving plays a key role in optimising the storage and handling of pallets in modern logistics platforms in the large-scale distribution, retail, e-commerce and food and beverage sectors.

This is why we, at ROSSS, have come up with versatile pallet racking solutions that have a high level of customisation. Thus, thanks to our experience and innovative products, you will be able to store the articles in your warehouse, which will then be accessible in a simple and quick manner. This increased efficiency will also ensure greater accuracy in loading, unloading, picking and handling procedures.

Large volumes

ROSSS’ heavy storage solutions are designed to support cumbersome and nonhomogeneous load units. They are systems for organising items with high specific weight and large storage volumes, or for goods in containers or pallets. But there’s more: our patented solutions guarantee maximum handling efficiency, even in high-intensity warehouses.

Structural and seismic safety: the reliability of ROSSS’ industrial metal racking goes beyond its capacity to support heavy weights. Our heavy storage solutions are designed to be earthquakeresistant and remain unscathed by the shocks and vibrations that can occur during loading and unloading. The no-sliding, sway-proof static seal ensures that heavy loads placed on the racks are secure.

High intensity

At ROSSS, research and experience make the difference, even in this design and production segment. The quality of materials, finishings and dedicated accessories enable the configuration of customised modular structures that can be scaled up over time to integrate with the new logistical requirements of automated handling and picking:

  • Gravity systems
  • Drive-in systems
  • Pallet shuttle

For any type of load

Shelving designed for a clear objective: optimise storage and picking activities for a wide range of references, even in mixed-storage warehouse setups. Ideal for items such as laminates, moulds, coils, bars, tubes, boards, profiles, dairy products, pallets and containers.