Metal Shelving

ROSSS designs, produces and manufactures metal shelving for warehouses, self-supporting archives.
Discover the solution that best suits your needs:


Ideal for heavy loads, easy to load and remove


Modular and easy to assemble, ideal for multi-storey plant


Versatile shelving, even for multi-level systems


Differentiated solutions according to requirements

Discover ROSSS Quality

From the planning stage to the realization, ROSSS employs the best human and technological resources,
with traceable materials of the highest quality, creating unique and inimitable products,
making it the leading manufacturer of metal shelving.

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Research 100%
Innovation 100%
Quality 100%


  1. It creates innovation and obtains Patents in collaboration with important Italian and foreign universities.
  2. The only Italian Company in its sector to have an efficient and modern test laboratory inside it.
  3. Constant control of the absence of radioactivity in each shipment of purchased steel.
  4. Company accredited as steel “Transformation Center” DM 14/01/2008 chapter 11.3 foresees the obligation for manufacturers of seismic metal shelving, to be recognized as Steel Transformation Centres.


Rosss company calendar with the students of Monteurano

“What apparently is a gift of an object, the school that Rosss created for the Monteurano youngsters after the 2016 earthquake, is actually a sharing of a journey, a common redemption“. Thus commented Moira Canigola, Mayor of the Municipality in the province of Fermo. Rosss, besides having donated a school to the town hit by…


Legality Rating: ROSSS S.p.A. awarded with three stars

The Legality Rating is an innovative tool aimed at Italian companies, introduced in 2012 and developed by the Authority for Competition and Market (AGCM), in agreement with the Ministries of Interior and Justice, with the aim of promoting and introducing principles of ethical behavior in the company, through an award measured in “stars” which is…


AUDIT ISO 9001 – ISO 14001 E EMAS

From the audit carried out by the control Agency KIWA CERMET on July, 5 – 6 2018, relating to the certifications ISO 9001:2015 – ISO 14001:2015 and to the EMAS Certificate, no particular problems came out. The results of these audit are for the attention of the Certification Committee

Built to last, built to withstand, built in Italy

The ROSSS industrial shelving of certified quality

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