Industrial mezzanines

Maximum use of vertical spaces

Our industrial mezzanines are earthquake-resistant, modular solutions that multiply vertical volumes, without the need for invasive intervention. Our systems are assembled directly on site, without the need for welding but only high-strength bolting.

In addition, they are versatile and expandable over time, ensuring optimal structural and aesthetic performance for several applications.

ROSSS produces modular mezzanines, with single or multiple floors to set up the most suitable configuration for different application requirements, like:

  • Industrial spaces and warehouses
  • Storage of hanging clothes
  • Office environments and archives

More capacity, more visual space

The quality of the materials and ROSSS’ patented earthquake-proof performance ensure the safety of the available models. The Mecano mezzanine, for example, is designed to meet specific fitting requirements and guarantee efficient use of space for every realisation.

More options for the walking surface

Our technicians operate to find the most suitable flooring solution based on the type of use (trailerable and not), on the required load capacity and environmental conditions where the structure is installed.