Automated warehouses

Computerised management of the load

We offer ideal solutions for storing materials automatically or semi-automatically. The structural quality of the shelving is essential for the proper functioning of any type of automatism: ROSSS designs and realises systems of all types and sizes, both for outdoors and indoors, conceived to maximise the potential of automated flows, digitised processes, and operating machines. These are solutions that are successfully adapted to even the most particular commodity categories, including temperature-controlled environments or refrigerating rooms.

ROSSS industrial shelvings for automated systems are designed to increase the operability of warehousing processes and integrate seamlessly with the latest generation of applications.

The handling of packages can be fully or partially automated and entrusted to various means: miniloads, shuttle systems, operating machines with a gripping system, lift tables with a protective roof, automatically guided trilateral forklifts, single or double-deep cranes, light and heavy gravity stackers and satellite shuttle.

Stability and security in every enviroment

Systems with limited deformability, highly resistant to shocks and stresses – including seismic ones – that ensure the correct functioning of the internal automation, protecting the safety of the operators and the integrity of the stored materials. A stable solution for a safe environment, thanks also to the possibility of integrating protective devices within the metal shelving unit.

High performance of surfaces and volumes

Our automated warehouses effectively bring your storage or archive spaces to their saturation point, while maintaining safety during crossing and handling. The aisles are structured in such a way as to optimise space, in compliance with current regulations. The storage levels make maximum use of the available heights.