Lightweight storage

Order, capacity, aesthetics

ROSSS lightweight metal storage solutions are reliable, versatile, affordable and designed for low-to-medium weight unit storage and archiving systems. Choosing one of our industrial shelvings, you will be able to count on exceptional stability for the installation of your office, archive, industrial or retail warehouse. Products created with a high innovation rate, modular and multilevel, expandable over time and equipped with the necessary accessories to adapt to a wide variety of applications.

Our solutions for the lightweight systems market: with hook shelvings, interlocking rackings and compactable shelves. ROSSS’ modular structures are easy to assemble and, if necessary, can be extended in both height and width by adding new modules. Functionality, yes, but also aesthetics: our solutions are available in multiple colors and galvanised finishings. In short, the perfect mix between efficiency and design, even in environments open to the public.

Paper materials and lightweight warehouses

Reconfiguring the arrangement of shelves and increasing their capacity is not only possible, it is easy. Lightweight shelving allows you to intensively house, classify and store bulk products of various sizes, boxes and containers, and hanging garments. This type of ROSSS shelving is your best choice for setting up:

  • archives and libraries
  • storage of of small parts, electrical equipment and auto parts
  • warehouses for small-sized and small-to-medium weight items

The strength of lightness

The exclusive profile of the beams and uprights with a calibrated interlocking system allow us to produce completely self-supporting wall shelving with proven static and dynamic stability.