2 Marzo 2019 – Inaugurato il modulo scolastico donato da ROSSS S.p.A a Monte Urano

On Saturday 2 March in Monte Urano, in the region of Marche, the school was donated by ROSSS S.p.A. together with the about twenty companies and associations that have cooperated to the realization of the project.

The construction of this school, adjacent to the old building still in use, has allowed to secure children. In fact, a special exit was provided for children using the school bus and another exit for those who go to school on foot or accompanied by their parents. Furthermore, thanks to the realization of the module, two classrooms have been freed in the old complex, which will host two full time classes next year, so as to meet the needs of the citizens.

In the three classrooms the classes of the primary school will take place and in the three workshops the students will be able to improve their language skills, thanks to a “mobile language laboratory“, and keep alive the musical tradition of the country. Monte Urano boasts a band that this year celebrates 145 years and every year the City finances a project aimed at the inclusion of children in the band.

ROSSS is proud to have promoted the realization of this project!