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We can count on a very strong and versatile team, made of great people.

For us, teamwork is essential. Only this way can we turn ROSSS into a synonym of quality, reliability and safety.

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Corporate bodies

The administration and control system chosen by ROSSS is a traditional one, which is suitable for ensuring efficient management and effective controls. This system is based on the presence of two corporate bodies appointed by a shareholders’ meeting: the Board of Directors and the Board of Auditors. On the other hand, the auditing of the accounts is entrusted to an external auditing company, at the proposal of the Board of Auditors.

Board of Directors

Silvano Bettini
President with operating authority
Sandro Bettini
Vice-Presidente with operating authority

Board of Auditors

Luca Calamai
Giulia Massari
Substitute statutory auditor
Roberto Natali
Standing statutory auditor
Simona Sguanci
Standing statutory auditor
Giuseppe Firrincieli
Substitute statutory auditor

Supervisory Board

Francesco Maresca
Luca Calamai
External member

Auditing Company

BDO Italia S.p.A.