Model 231

What's the Organisational Model 231?

Since March 2010, Rosss has been complying with the provisions of Legislative Decree 231/2001 and its subsequent amendments and additions, and has set up a Supervisory Board that has, among other things, the task of overseeing the functioning, effectiveness and observance of the Model by all its recipients. Below are the links to the Code of Ethics and Model 231 that we have adopted.

Download Code of Ethics

Download Model 231

What are these documents for?

Through these documents, we commit to:

  • Identify and share the principles and criteria of conduct that administrators, employees and all those who work to achieve the company’s objectives have to abide by. We strive so that everyone observes the principles therin contained in the field of its own functions and responsibilities.
  • Enunciate the totality of rights, obligations and responsibilities of the Company with respect to all the subjects with whom it gets in touch (Clients, Suppliers, Employees, Collaborators, Business Partners, Institutions etc.) for the achievement of their corporate purpose.
  • Propose to set the ethical “standards” of reference and the rules of conduct to guide the company’s decision-making processes and the conduct of the Company itself: from management to each subject involved.
  • Put in act the Company’s policy of Social and Environmental Responsibility, reducing the exposure to compliance risks and reputational risks. At the same time, we strengthen the sense of belonging and identification in each counterpart.

Supervisor Body of the joint-stock company ROSSS

Any reports concerning the missing application, that is the erroneous application, of the Model by those who have the duty to do so, can and must be sent in written form to the following address:

c/o Lawyer Francesco Maresca
Via de’ Vecchietti n. 1, 50123

c/o Lawyer Francesco Maresca
de’ Vecchietti Street n. 1, 50123

To the following email address:
[email protected]

As an alternative:
by means of the other corporate channels stated in the model itself.

The MODEL adopted guarantees the anonymity of the reporter.