The Legality Rating is an innovative tool aimed at Italian companies, introduced in 2012 and developed by the Authority for Competition and Market (AGCM), in agreement with the Ministries of Interior and Justice, with the aim of promoting and introducing principles of ethical behavior in the company, through an award measured in “stars” which is indicative of compliance with legality, transparency and social responsibility by companies that have requested it.

Rosss S.p.A., already on the list of companies with Legality Rating since 2017, has now been awarded the maximum rating (three stars). This prestigious award rewards the attention and commitment that Rosss S.p.A. has always lavished on the subject of legality.

Rosss S.p.A. is proud to be part of the four companies listed on the Stock Exchange which, according to data up to date, have a three-star of Legality Rating.