“What apparently is a gift of an object, the school that Rosss created for the Monteurano youngsters after the 2016 earthquake, is actually a sharing of a journey, a common redemption”.

Thus commented Moira Canigola, Mayor of the Municipality in the province of Fermo.

Rosss, besides having donated a school to the town hit by the earthquake, has entrusted Pino Bertelli, a famous photographer, with the task of creating a company calendar with the students of the third year of middle school.

A way to revive together, to go beyond the earthquake and beyond fear, with a smile on the face.

Transmitting a message of love, of strength but above all of union.

The smiles of the youngsters do not shine through the disappointment for having lost so much, but they show the personality and the desire to rebuild a better future.

A resounding thanks from Rosss for the participation of the school, the families and the children themselves who made this initiative possible.

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