Iron Fist

Have you ever done a puzzle? We did, and it’s called Iron Fist. Find out about our exclusive “C” profile, which increases the load capacity and stability of your shelving.

Iron Fist--Laterale

Shelving for the storage of bulky goods

Iron Fist’s secret lies in its easy assembly. Few bolts, joints or other components; just a simple interlocking element between frames and beams. The result? An even steadier and more resistant structure.

But what are frames and beams? Frames are the vertical elements of the structure and are made up of uprights, diagonals and horizontals. On the other hand, beams are the horizontal elements. The latter are the result of a research project, whose goal was to obtain the maximum load capacity with the highest quality. In addition, the special crimp designed by ROSSS means that no welds are used along their length. The combination of the two elements through a “C” profile allows to achieve a twofold thickness in the areas where the beams suffer from the highest stress. Finally, the no sliding, static swing-proof endurance lends stability and anti-seismic performance to the entire structure.

Iron Fist--Frontale


Diagonals and horizontals

Diagonals and horizontals are metal profiles that connect the uprights, increasing their load capacity.

Base plates

Base plates are supports that keep the shelving stable onto the ground. ROSSS’ clips are specifically designed for anti-seismic systems, with specific sizes according to the different seismic areas.


With their joint “C” profile, ROSSS’ horizontal elements guarantee double thickness in the areas where the stress level is higher.

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Designed for every kind of load, ROSSS’ uprights boast a new type of frame bracing that optimises the load capacity through a uniform distribution of forces.

The advantages of a ROSSS product

Due to its extraordinary structure, Iron Fist can guarantee high levels of resistance and safety. Additionally, the welded bracket allows to change the number of teeth so as to satisfy any load requirements.

A tiny detail that makes all the difference: it removes empty cutouts that weaken the endurance of the upright, it levels out the steel compactness over the entire element, and it keeps corners free from drillings so as to guarantee more payload and impact resistance.

The Iron Fist’s no-sliding, static seal is shake-proof and allows the stored goods not to slip. This aspect provides incredibly high stability and seismic performance to the entire metal rack.

A record-breaking beam. Why? Our beams resist more than twice the declared load capacity, for an out-of-the-ordinary level of reliability and security.

Higher dynamic resistance to impacts during the loading/handling of wares, to guarantee the best quality in everyday operations.

The use of our Violet colouring makes the product highly visible. In addition, the total absence of sharp edges reduces the risk of injury.

Great performance for the best cost/performance ratio. The beam we use increases load capacity but, at the same time, helps guarantee exclusive and high performances.

Optimised bolted connection load capacity. How? Thanks to the uniform strength redistribution on the uprights; a unique feature of our Iron Fist.

With Iron Fist, you will enjoy freedom, versatility of use and anti-seismic load capacity for your warehouse like never before, especially if you are in a highly seismic area.

Z200 galvanised posts offer significantly higher protection than the market average. The result is greater resistance to wear, corrosion and atmospheric agents.

The Z200 galvanisation of the uprights not only provides greater strength and solidity to the whole structure, but also offers an excellent dragging effect, allowing for more protection even on the shear zone.

The special pleated shape of the front of the upright results in more steel than market standards. This provides a stronger structure that can withstand higher loads.


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