Metalmeccanica Tiberina

Metalmeccanica Tiberina
Umbertide (PG)
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Metalmeccanica Tiberina
Umbertide (PG)

Metalmeccanica Tiberina: a new warehouse for heavy coils

Metalmeccanica Tiberina is a company specialised in the automotive and Off-Highway industries. Founded in 1963, its headquarters are in Umbertide (PG), however the company owns branches all over Italy and outside the country, too.

When it comes to Italian suppliers, Tiberina is a leader in the automotive industry for its company size and its business contract law. The group is a true reference point for the national automotive supply industry.

In addition to the automotive and Off-Highway industries, Metalmeccanica Tiberina is able to produce subgroups for vehicles in the Passenger and Commercial categories, destined to the global market, especially thanks to stamping, automated slabbing and painting processes.

Metalmeccanica Tiberina's challenges

Over recent years, Metalmeccanica Tiberina has grown significantly, especially thanks to the production capacity and to the expansion of the market.

To answer the new market needs, the company entrusted ROSSS to implement an efficient and safe storage system for the coils.

Our industrial metal shelving made it possible to prevent the coils from being placed on the ground; a very poor solution with several safety and inefficiency problems, such as:

  • Safety: storing the coils on the ground represents a very high risk for the workers, as it can give rise to rollings, accidents and injuries. Moreover, the access and the handling of the materials are demanding, leading to operative and productive inefficiencies.
  • Deterioration: the ground storage exposes the coils to impacts, atmospheric agents and other damaging aspects, which can alter the product quality through deformations and dents.
  • Logistical difficulties: the ground storage makes it complicated to keep the inventory and the proper management of coils, because identifying and locating the items inside the warehouse is not easy or immediate.

What ROSSS did for Metalmeccanica Tiberina

At ROSSS, we certainly couldn’t back down. Therefore, we opted for the implementation of a solid solution: the Mammuth Super Pallet Rack. A system with a weight of 1,500 kg, extremely versatile and suitable for very heavy loads, which met Tiberina’s needs for coil storage.

Features of the new warehouse:

  • Surface: 750 square metres
  • Storage capacity: more than 1500 coils
  • Aisles: 6
  • Shelving height: 6,3 metres
  • Shelves: grid, so as to adapt to different sizes of the coils

The coils are picked and moved by four-way forklifts, which are able to operate in as many directions, so as to optimise the space destined to the handling and the storage.

Benefits achieved by Metalmeccanica Tiberina

Our intervention led to several benefits for the company:

  • Better logistics: the use of metal pallet racks and the installation of a new warehouse facilitated the access to the coils, improving production processes thanks to faster searching and handling.
  • Optimised space: the pallet rack made it possible to optimise the use of storage space, increasing the capacity of the warehouse.
  • Efficient inventory: the new warehouse with industrial metal pallet racks simplified the inventory management, making coils identification and localisation fast and precise.
  • Reduced costs: being able to rely on organised pallet racks and a new, specially-built warehouse helped optimise the space and the handling of coils, leading to a reduction in storage costs.
  • Greater safety: thanks to our pallet racks, the organised storage of coils – no longer on the ground – helped reduce the risk of accidents and injuries at work.
  • Protected materials: as coils are no longer stored on the ground, they are now less exposed to possible damage and deterioration.