Big bulks, remarkable results. The versatility of a custom-made system combined with the advantages of a new product category, which can be customised based on your specific needs.


A new product category

When the extraordinary turns into a system. The Mammuth Super Pallet Rack was created to challenge enormous storage capacities. Ideal for laminates, moulds and coils.

Not a rigid solution but a functional system, thanks to the special safety pin covered by an exclusive ROSSS patent. More versatility, more stability, more safety. The Mammuth Super Pallet Rack was designed to meet the logistics needs of your industrial warehouse. A set of single elements, which, as such, can be easily shaped according to the desired structure. Thanks to this solution, you can stock up to approx. 198,000 pounds / 90,000 kg of wares.



Safety pin

A different safety pin. A loosening-proof double safety pin covered by an exclusive patent, with a capacity of as much as nine tons capacity per beam (or 18 tonnes per floor).

Beam connector

Unity is strength, also and especially in racks. We design the product through moulding and folding to obtain the perfect jointed structures.

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We realize them in different sections and lengths, because this is the only way we can guarantee tailor made solutions for your project. With ROSSS, you can stock up to 18 tonnes per level.

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Base plates

We obtain them through moulding, punching and, finally, folding processes. A solid structure that you can rely on.

Diagonals and horizontals

They are essential components, which is why we deliver them ad hoc. A large diameter for great stability.

The advantages of a ROSSS product

The bracings connecting the columns and other elements of the system ensure the stability of the structure. This is why Mammuth uses crosses with a diameter of 42 mm.

The larger diameter of the crosses allows the weight to be distributed evenly, increasing the strength and ability to withstand heavy loads and intense stresses.

The strength of the crosses contributes to the improved earthquake performance of the structure, making it even more resistant to vibrations generated by seismic events.

An innovative and slip-proof safety pin, even under high stress levels, thanks to its production system by molding covered by an exclusive patent.

A more efficient safety pin, made of certified high-quality steel, which is designed to achieve a larger force relief surface on the main upright.

The safety of our Mammuth knows no limits thanks to its double safety pin for over 18 tonnes of capacity per level, which ensures the stability of the structure due to the hollow area in the contact zone.

Standardised system: Mammuth ROSSS is an innovative solution, designed to achieve extreme load capacity and can be customised according to customers’ needs.

Exceptional load capacity: Up to 80 tonnes per frame and 18 tonnes per level, Mammuth ROSSS is designed for the most demanding uses, ensuring maximum efficiency and productivity with competitive costs.

Adaptable solutions: the extraordinary versatility of Mammuth ROSSS makes it suitable for a wide range of applications, enabling it to optimise investments and reduce operating costs.

Modular system: Mammuth ROSSS is a modular system that can be adapted to each customer’s needs, providing flexibility and customisation.

Innovative design: The secret of Mammuth ROSSS extreme load capacities is the double safety pin, specially designed to support high loads.

Flexible and adaptable solution: Mammuth ROSSS is an adaptable solution, easily modified to meet the changing needs of your business.


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