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Kharafi National

Kharafi National: Customised Unimondial Shelving for Improved Warehouse Management

Kharafi National, founded in 1999 and headquartered in Safat, Kuwait, is a leader in facilities management services for the energy, water and gas sectors in the Middle East and Africa.

Kharafi National's challenges

Kharafi National aimed to increase and optimise the storage capacity of its warehouse. The key requirement being: to implement solutions that would enhance internal organisation by creating a structured division among different product categories, thereby facilitating access to those with higher turnover rates. The company desired a space that not only could improve the efficiency of picking and storage operations, but also reflect the brand’s values and image. To achieve this, we opted for a customised painting scheme.

What ROSSS did for Kharafi National

To meet the needs of Kharafi National, at ROSSS we devised an innovative and customised storage solution. The central element is a large mezzanine built using Unimondial metal shelving, providing approximately 2,000 square metres of effective storage space for materials.

The metal shelving, characterised by the company’s signature colours of yellow and blue, spans across three levels connected by six service staircases, ensuring quick and convenient access to any point of the mezzanine.
A structure 7.5 metres high, to maximise and make the most of the available vertical space.

Benefits achieved by Kharafi National

Our intervention has led to significant benefits for the company, including:

Optimised Spaces:

  • Substantial increase in storage capacity, thanks to the installation of a mezzanine and Unimondial metal industrial shelving.
  • Utilisation of all available vertical space, reaching a height of 7.5 metres.

Improved Organisation:

  • Effective division of different product categories to streamline identification and picking procedures.
  • Immediate accessibility to frequently used products, speeding up order processing.

Enhanced Branding:

  • Metal shelving painted in yellow and blue, to recall the company’s image.
  • Customised solution that mirrors Kharafi National’s values and identity.

Operational Efficiency:

  • Six service staircases for quick access to any point of the mezzanine.