Ductility and easy installation at the service of your storage location? Find out about Unimondial, the lightweight coupled shelf.


Modular hook shelving

The innovation of Unimondial by ROSSS is its modular versatile metal shelving, rich in accessories for archives and lightweight warehouses. It finds its perfect match also on the foundations of Train.

The Unimondial structure can be easily customised thanks to its basic, painted finishing, and can be equipped with a full range of accessories for a rapid growth of your warehouse space and wide differentiation of use. Its versatility makes it an ideal solution for making shelving for offices/archives for those in industrial environments. In addition, it can also be made in a galvanised version.




Unimondial’s hooks are double-jointed on the upright, with an automatic lock in the lower part. They can completely disappear, so to allow the total usage of the storage compartment.


One of the largest available on the market, with a total length of more than 155 mm and an ever-growing capacity. The slottings are elliptically-shaped and free from sharp edges for increased safety.

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Completely free from sharp edges or cutting parts, with 3-fold orders on all sides. The removable supports grant the possibility to modify the load capacity of the shelves at any time.

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The advantages of a ROSSS product

Material thickness of the shelves 0.75 mm, shelf edge 32 and 33 mm. Three rows of folds on the sides, corners joined by welding or mechanical moulding.

The upright is 32 mm large, one of the best on the market. With 10/10 of thickness for heights up to a maximum of 3 meters and of 12/10 for heights over 3 metres.

The double-jointed hook – with an automatic block in the inferior part – and the welded reinforcements combine affordability and great sturdiness.

Shelves and slots are rigorously made with no sharp or cutting edges. Slots are recessed to prevent material or workers from catching onto them.

Two types of feet: one in fiber-reinforced plastic, which supports pressure better; the other in galvanised steel, which is more resistant to corrosion.

In some cases, if further stiffening of the structure is required, rear stiffening crosses are provided.

Would you like us to mount Unimondial Galv galvanised shelves on Unimondial? Yes, we can! This combination provides maximum functionality and flexibility to any storage need.

Capacity that changes thanks to the reinforcements of Unimondial Galv. From Unimondial shelves with no reinforcement, it is possible to include detachable ones from the Galv version to vary the capacity of the shelving.

Presence of a fully retractable hook that allows use of the storage compartment. The standard height pitch is 50 mm and, upon request, can be 25 mm (for uprights with a maximum height of 3 metres).

Installation is as easy as ever, and can be carried out either on a single upright or with uprights close together (double sided).

Unimondial’s basic parts are interlocking, providing unique ease of assembly even for unskilled personnel.

ROSSS’s Unimondial is a solution that can be customised to your needs, thanks to our wide range of shelves and side panels.


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