Thanks to its completely bolted structure, our Mecano is an industrial mezzanine easy to assemble and adaptable to every space.


Industrial mezzanine

No wieldings for even safer structures. ROSSS’ Mecano is assembled only through bolts, allowing an easier assembly that doesn’t require the help of special means.




The steel used to make the columns is a certified structural grade, S 235JR, with a tubular section.


Bracing systems are based on the seismic destination and the structural characteristics of the facility.

Base plates

The certified structural steel used for the creation of base plates is, S 235JR, with a unit load with minimum unit yield strength of 235 N/ mm2. The product is obtained through pressing, punching and subsequent bending.


The direct connection of the beams on the columns increases the performance of the mezzanine. The beams are made of certified structural grade steel, S355.

The advantages of a ROSSS product

Mecano boasts an innovative design, involving the direct connection of the beams on the columns. This configuration eliminates eccentricities in the static scheme, providing more strength.

Direct beam-column connection in both main directions optimises the distribution of forces within the structure, so that the performance of the system is greatly increased.

Mecano is a flexible system that meets seismic criteria and all kinds of needs. How? Thanks to the 3 types of columns and 4 beam profiles, which guarantee versatility and adaptability.

Mecano is distinguished by the total absence of welding. The structure is assembled by bolts, thus eliminating potential errors that can compromise the safety of mezzanines.

Mecano’s sturdy interlocking structure ensures greater strength, eliminating the risk of any breakage that would compromise the safety of the product and those around it.

More simplicity in seismic retrofitting. Mecano, due to its modularity, makes it easier to add bracing diagonals in case of seismic improvement and/or

More flexibility and versatility.
Mecano gets assembled on site, boasting a structure designed to be modified at any given moment on the assembly site,
with no need to be moved.

More modularity. How? Thanks to its modular units, useful for the expandability of the system. These units allow to expand or modify the system easily and quickly, but especially at a lower price, changing the product’s functionality.

More capacity. The wide range of available sections, both for beams and columns, allows for mezzanines with more load-bearing capacity performance and free spans, even greater than 7 meters with great advantages in use.

Mecano boasts an assembly system using cold-formed structural elements. This innovative technology makes assembly easier and faster, reducing installation time and optimising on-site resources.

Mecano’s structural elements are made from cold-formed profiles, which are characterised by excellent strength and light weight. This feature facilitates the transportation of components, reducing costs and labour time.

The lightweight and modularity of Mecano’s structural elements offer greater flexibility in design and installation, allowing the structure to be adapted to specific project requirements


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