We are excited to announce our partnership with SeventyTwo Motorsports to support the promising sports career of Guido Pini, a talented, 16-year-old rider from Mugello.

Guido will make his debut in the 2024 JuniorGP category for the SeventyTwo Motorsports Artbox Racing Team.

Guido Pini, a young motorcycling promise

The talented rider from Scarperia entered the world of motorcycling at a very young age, quickly establishing himself as one of the most promising talents on the scene.

His palmarès already boasts the title of European Junior Minimoto Champion in 2018, as well as his successes in the FIM JuniorGP European Talent Cup, which he won in 2022 and secured a second place in 2023.

Now, ready to face new challenges, Pini is preparing for his debut in the prestigious JuniorGP category for the 2024 season.

The Sponsorship Agreement

The agreement was formalised at ROSSS headquarters, in Italy, in the presence of our president, Simone Bettini, Emilio Alzamora representing SeventyTwo Motorsports, and the young rider.

Guido Pini will represent ROSSS’ image in the team’s branding during his participation in the FIM JuniorGP 2024 championship.

The collaboration with SeventyTwo Motorsports reflects our commitment to supporting young talents and promoting the development of the local area.

Statements by Emilio Alzamora and Simone Bettini

Emilio Alzamora, Director of SeventyTwo Motorsports: “It is a pleasure to announce the new sponsorship agreement with such a prestigious company like ROSSS, a leader in the logistics sector for material storage with over 40 years of experience. The support by ROSSS is a clear example of how a local company can commit to sustaining the Scarperia rider, a matter of great importance at this stage of his sporting career. I would like to thank Silvano Simone Bettini for his trust in our SeventyTwo Motorsports project, through which we will help and guide the young Italian rider Guido Pini in his career.”

Simone Bettini: “It is an honour and a great opportunity for us to start this new collaboration with SeventyTwo Motorsports to support Guido Pini, a talented rider from Mugello. The Bettini family has always shown commitment and attention towards the development and enhancement of excellence of our region, where we have grown and is home to our companies. This social commitment has seen us lead initiatives aimed at generating value for the Mugello community with the same care and dedication we devote to our business activities. We look forward to embarking on this new ‘race’ with SeventyTwo Motorsports and Guido Pini, hoping to inspire the new generations to pursue their dreams with tenacity and passion.”