Improve your storage system. Thanks to the innovative and exclusive patented safety pin by ROSSS, Sequoia is the safest and most resistant solution for long and heavy loads.


Shelving for the storage of bulky goods

Bulky goods doesn’t mean unstable goods. The Sequoia Cantilever by ROSSS is designed to guarantee perfect space optimisation even for the storage of heavy materials, without giving up on safety. A shelving made to last over time and face any potential external stress.

Different logistics requirements? We offer a system with two exclusive patents, as well as an out-of-the-ordinary flexibility – both in height and depth. Arms and columns are created in different dimensions and measures, which makes the shelving easy to assemble and disassemble, adjustable according to every requirement of your warehouse and adaptable even to non-homogeneous measures. It’s the perfect solution for goods loaded on pallets or for materials of different lengths not on pallets, section bars, metal containers, pipe bundles or sawn timber.




Made to support. It’s connected to the column with absolute precision thanks to a one-of-a-kind bolting.

Safety pin

The Sequoia ROSSS safety pin presents an exclusive patent that is achieved through moulding and provides enhanced performances and unmatchable safety.


It’s made of steel, literally. It guarantees safety even for heavy storage.

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Modular, long-lasting and safer. Sequoia is the only cantilever with entirely bolted columns and galvanised even inside.

Arm connector

We designed it to be adaptable to all the column series, depending on the arm’s load capacity of course.


They lend stiffness and resistance from external agents to the structure, which is why we rigorously design them according to the height of the shelving.

The advantages of a ROSSS product

Sequoia’s cross vaults are bound diagonally and are made with a diameter of 42mm, against smaller tubes and other types of open sections.

The base and column are kept together by fastening bolts: a secure hold is essential for the safety of the entire system.

The base of a cantilever is essential to guarantee the safety of the entire structure It’s the element on which the whole system’s vertical forces are released.

The Sequoia safety pin, unlike traditional ones, guarantees stability even in case of high stress thanks to elements that prevent it from slipping off.

The columns and all the other elements of the system are kept together by specific cross bracings, which fulfil an incredibly important task for the stability of the entire structure.

The base’s front bracket, with its wielding system, prevents the formation of protruding elements that can create locking problems when materials are relocated at the foundation.

Bulky loads are safe with Sequoia ROSSS, thanks to the possibility of inserting anti-fall bolts.

A fully customisable structure designed according to the specific needs of the cutomer.

Great adaptability: Sequoia ROSSS adapts to the storage of every kind of bulky goods.

The Sequoia ROSSS safety pin is made with an exclusive patent-protected manufacturing system by moulding instead of extrusion. This gives the rack advanced performance and increased stability.

Sequoia ROSSS employs larger conical fastening block bolts (threaded part 16mm long, body 17mm long, against the traditionally smaller measures). The advantage? They tend to lock independently, providing greater security.

Thanks to Sendzimir galvanizing, which protects against corrosion, rust and weathering, Sequoia boasts a high durability even in outdoor environments, allowing you to increase the savings and flexibility of your warehouse.


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