Ravaioli Legnami Srl

Ravaioli Legnami Srl
Villanova di Bagnacavallo (RA)
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Ravaioli Legnami Srl
Villanova di Bagnacavallo (RA)
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Ravaioli Legnami: A Cutting-Edge Self-Supporting Warehouse for Storing Fine Wood

Ravaioli Legnami, based in Villanova di Bagnacavallo (RA), is a leader in the production of high quality wood panels.

The Romagna-based company boasts consolidated experience in wood processing, combined with modern production lines that enable it to create innovative, certified, and top-quality products.

Ravaioli Legnami offers a wide range of fine wood panels for various applications, available in different types, finishes and thicknesses. The great care taken at every stage of the production process, from wood selection to the delivery of the finished product, allows the company to combine excellent quality with impeccable service.

Ravaioli Legnami's challenges

The continuous growth of Ravaioli Legnami in recent years has led to an expansion of its commercial network and, at the same time, the need for a new warehouse for storing wood panels.

Given the nature of the product and the external location of the warehouse, safety was an essential aspect in choosing the most suitable industrial metal shelving. Additionally, in order to ensure the highest standards of reliability, it was necessary to opt for a structure that was earthquake-resistant and capable of protecting stored materials from fires, weather conditions, and corrosion.

As with any company, the goal of high performance is equally important. Therefore, we devised a functional and organised solution to maximise the efficiency of logistics within the facility and the picking activities.

What ROSSS did for Ravaioli Legnami

Many needs, one solution: an external, self-supporting, earthquake-proof Cantilever warehouse made by ROSSS to meet all the needs of Ravaioli Legnami.

A system with the following characteristics:

  • 2,500 linear metres of storage
  • 1,000 square metres of surface area
  • Sendzimir galvanisation to prevent the effects of weather and corrosive agents
  • Load capacity per column: 4,350 kg
  • Load capacity per arm: 1,450 kg

A flexible solution that adapts to the sizes and volumes of the products, offering direct access to the goods, making load management more effective, and facilitating inventory management.

A versatile system, composed of columns and cantilever arms with intermediate supports, creates a continuous plane on which precious wood panels of various types and sizes are then laid and stored.

But there’s more: this structure has been designed and dimensioned to also support the roofing and accessory elements, as well as the stress of handling equipment and external agents, without any need for masonry work. A high-tech engineering work.

Benefits achieved by Ravaioli Legnami

Our activity has led to considerable benefits for the company, including:

  • Extensive storage capacity: It maximises the height of the warehouse, allowing for a large volume of panels to be stored.
  • Safety and durability: the self-supporting structure is capable of withstanding significant loads and resisting seismic and weather events.
  • Adaptability and flexibility: it easily adapts to various storage needs and can be expanded in the future.
  • Logistical efficiency: it facilitates loading and unloading operations of the panels, as well as picking activities, thus optimising logistical flows.
  • Reduced costs: the self-supporting warehouse ensures significant savings compared to constructing a traditional concrete structure.
  • Reduced time: with the help of our technical team, building and implementing a self-supporting warehouse is quicker than installing a traditional structure.