Clad-rack warehouses

Highly engineered and self-supporting storage systems. Our special structures meet the needs of more complex projects with ambitious solutions.


Self-supporting racks for indoors and outdoors

The clad-rack warehouses are industrial storage systems with shelving designed to support not only the weight of the stored wares and the dynamic actions of the automatic machines, but also the roof and the walls.

The smartest alternative to a depot. The clad-rack warehouses made by ROSSS are characterised by an innovative structural design. Integrated solutions at great heights, where the shelvings, which are installed on a slab in reinforced concrete, play a fundamental role for the structure. Thanks to the use of high quality materials and a meticolous attention to architectural details, these solutions guarantee an extraordinary stability even in highly seismic areas.



The advantages of a ROSSS product

The strong structure and the use of highly resistant materials make these systems able to resist to earthquakes, giving protection to wares and people.

The resistance to impacts and stress preserves the correct functioning of the internal automation systems, guaranteeing the security of the entire installation.

The incredible resistance to deformations and stress protects the stored wares from damages and breaks, ensuring its integrity and value.

The possibility to install safe landing areas for maintenance activities allows to control and preserve the quality of the structure over the years.

Our clad-rack warehouses are designed with high dissipative capacity of the seismic energy in accordance with applicable regulations, so as to create a secure environment for the operators.

The clad-rack warehouses are designed to facilitate the access to the stored wares and to the internal components, so as to allow a safe maintenance and control.

Say stop to all the obstacles to build your clad-rack warehouse. The support of our highly qualified technical office will save you from every hidden danger and unexpected event.

Then, you will have a dedicated PM, who will study a specific path, from the design to the installation, to guarantee a solution to match all your needs.

The height of the warehouse is maximised by shelving units that integrate with the building structure for more storage in a smaller area.

Structural flexibility is synonymous with perfect adaptability. Besides responding to the client’s needs, this structure allows different goods to be stored, optimising available space.

Depending on your needs, you can integrate ventilation and temperature control systems to prevent perishability of stored goods.

Self-supporting warehouses are installed quickly and efficiently, minimising construction time and costs compared to traditional warehouses.


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