Sappi Lanaken NV

Sappi Lanaken NV
Eco-friendly packaging made of wood fibres
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Sappi Lanaken NV
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Sappi invests in a new self-supporting warehouse to offer even faster and more reliable deliveries

Sappi is a global leader in providing eco-friendly packaging solutions made from wood fibres sourced from responsibly managed forests and plantations.

The company offers a wide range of products, including packaging, speciality papers, graphic papers, and casting papers.

To better understand Sappi’s international presence, let’s take a look at some numbers: the company has over 12,400 employees in over 35 countries and operates production facilities on three continents (10 in Europe, 4 in North America, and 5 in Southern Africa). Production stands at around 10 million tonnes of paper annually, which is then sold and distributed to direct and indirect customers in over 150 countries.

Sappi's challenges

Sappi’s ambition has driven the company to aim for further growth and to pursue increasingly challenging objectives. To achieve this, it was necessary to renew and expand its warehouse structure, so that it could improve storage capacity, operational efficiency, and customer service.

These are Sappi’s main challenges:

  1. Production capacity: To meet the growing demand in the ink sublimation industry, Sappi needed a new warehouse to increase its production capacity.
  2. Top service: Known for its high-quality service, Sappi needed to maintain this high standard even with increased production.
  3. Fast deliveries: Sappi’s customers are accustomed to fast and efficient delivery times; to boost productivity and remain competitive, the company needed to optimise its production and logistics processes to reduce delivery times.

What ROSSS did for Sappi

At ROSSS, we identified the appropriate solution to meet Sappi’s needs: a self-supporting and automated warehouse, an absolutely state-of-the-art engineering feat.

This steel giant for paper storage is capable of storing heavy rolls up to 2,500 kg/m, with a total capacity of 10,900,000 kg.

Designed according to the most rigorous fire engineering standards to ensure internal implosions, the facility has the following characteristics:

  • Dimensions: 52 x 35 x 30 metres
  • 10,100 metres of uprights
  • 10,300 metres of beams
  • 5,427 metres of storage space for paper rolls
  • Automated handling with shuttle carts to ensure high efficiency, flexibility, and safety in the management of stored products.

Benefits achieved by Sappi

Our intervention led to significant benefits to the company, including:

  • Increased storage: The new warehouse enabled the company to expand its storage space, ensuring that the necessary materials are always accessible to meet the growing customer demand.
  • Operational efficiency: The warehouse’s efficiency allowed Sappi to reduce costs, order fulfilment times, and improve delivery times, ensuring excellent service for their customers.
  • Enhanced durability: The robust and resilient structure of the warehouse is a long-term investment for the company.
  • Greater sustainability: The new warehouse contributed to Sappi’s mission to maintain high-quality standards at all stages of production and offer world-class service to customers, with a positive impact on CO2 emissions.