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Catania (CT)

GRD: seismic-resistant shelving and 4.0 Industry for a safe and efficient warehouse

GRD Società Consortile A.R.L., headquartered in Favara (AG), is a leading food retailer in Sicily with more than 90 retail stores including PaghiPoco and Sidis supermarkets.
Since its launch, the chain has grown exponentially, quadrupling the number of shops and expanding its offerings with a wide range of items: fresh and refrigerated foods, dry goods and non-perishable items.

GRD’s mission is clear: to offer its customers a complete and convenient grocery experience with high-quality products at competitive prices.

GRD's challenges

GRD’s distribution centre, located in eastern Sicily, is a crucial hub for the company’s logistics. Its goal, along with the logistics platform of Agrigento, is to ensure that all stores in the region are always stocked.

This is an ambitious objective, made possible thanks to a warehouse that has always operated 24/7, where a large number of items are managed, ranging from fresh groceries to non-food items.

To guarantee this quality of service over time and optimise its processes, the company needed to adopt high intensity, efficient and safe storage solutions. GRD chose ROSSS as its reliable supplier and strategic partner for the identification, design and implementation of industrial storage solutions.

However, the challenges did not end there: another threat to be considered was the earthquake hazard. Indeed, Sicily is a region classified as Zone 1 – the highest risk level in Italy for frequency and intensity of seismic activity.

A condition, the latter, that required the intervention of expert professionals, as well as the implementation of storage systems that were not only spacious and efficient, but also – and above all – anti-seismic, capable of guaranteeing the safety of products and workers in the event of an earthquake.

What ROSSS did for GRD

Given the many requirements, at ROSSS we came up with an industrial storage system that could meet GRD’s needs, implementing two types of solutions: Iron Fist Pallet Rack and Iron Fist Satellite.

Iron Fist metal shelving enables your company to reach new heights in terms of results: not only do they allow for intensive high-load vertical warehouses, but they also guarantee certified seismic-resistant performance compliant with national and local regulations required for facilities located in high-risk seismic zones, such as that of GRD.

About the Iron Fist Pallet rack supplied to GRD:

  • 7-story modules (4 for storage and 3 for picking)
  • Uprights and rails as protection for greater security

About the Iron Fist Satellite supplied to GRD:

  • 4.0 semi-automatic handling system
  • More advanced alternative to drive-in, with greater strength, flexibility and duration
  • Handling by shuttle, which protects the structure from impacts and damages
  • Space optimisation with reduced rails

Some highlights of the new logistics hub:
– 20,000 sq m of covered area
– 2,000 sq m for the storage of frozen foods in cold storage (at -25 °C)
– Set up in just 90 days
– 40,000 pallet spaces, distributed on 6 levels
– Supply value: 2.7 million euros

Benefits achieved by GRD

There’s no two ways about it: the warehouse solutions that ROSSS designed and implemented for GRD are a true gem, appreciated also by the customer for their quality and reliability.

An innovative and 4.0 solution that integrates forklift and satellite activities with the company’s WMS, thus improving the control and productivity of operational processes, as well as the safety and working conditions of the staff.

In addition, the integration with the company’s WMS system ensures the tracking of goods, stock control and real time inventory, meeting the need for a timely storage monitoring and strategic planning of withdrawals and stock profiles.

The collaboration between GRD and ROSSS led to the creation of a highly safe, modern and efficient warehouse: a cutting-edge flagship for large-scale distribution logistics. An investment, that of GRD, which looks to the future and will enable the company to deal with the challenges of an increasingly competitive market, guaranteeing its customers an excellent and effective logistics service.

The benefits of the new facility are numerous:

  • Improved productivity: more process efficiency, resulting in reduced handling times, errors and damages to goods.
  • Better safety: protection of operators and the facility, thanks to the integration of certified anti-seismic systems compliant with current regulations.
  • Optimised spaces: maximisation of storage capacity, for an increasingly efficient and timely logistics process.
  • Strategic planning: improved control and management of the entire distribution chain, from picking to supply at the point of sale.