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Mall.CZ enhances its logistics

Mall.CZ is an e-commerce platform from the Czech Republic, specialising in the online sale of household appliances, fashion items, toys, and beauty products. Founded in 2000, the company has grown rapidly, quickly becoming the largest Czech online distribution centre, with over 6,300 pick-up points across the country.

However, the success of the portal goes beyond its home country’s borders. is also active in Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Slovenia, and Croatia, thus offering its wide range of products and services to over 130 million people. This achievement has been made possible thanks to the wide variety of items sold, as well as competitive prices and a fast and convenient delivery service.

Mall.CZ's challenges

The continuous growth and new market shares acquired by across Europe over time have also led to a series of new logistical challenges. The increase in customers – and consequently in demand – made it necessary to expand the company’s storage space to ensure a more efficient and punctual service.

This became particularly evident during peak demand periods – such as Black Friday or the Christmas season – when the warehouse relied on was so overwhelmed that it could no longer manage inventory adequately, nor ensure the prompt fulfilment of orders. Contributing to this were the high number of products sold on the platform (around 140,000) and the variety of items.

Thus, there was an urgent need to implement new industrial storage systems that were more versatile and flexible, capable of handling the volume of orders and adapting to the different sizes of products.

What was the objective? Simple: to optimise the logistical flows within the facility and improve picking activities to speed up order fulfilment.

What ROSSS did for Mall.CZ

At ROSSS, we contributed by doing one of the things we do best: finding effective solutions to tidy up and reorganise Mall.CZ’s warehouse space.

Therefore, we identified, designed, and implemented several innovative solutions, thanks also to the support of our partner Linde MH.CZ, increasing the available storage capacity by 20%.

The solutions adopted were:

  • A 6,000 square metres mezzanine on 4 levels
  • Light shelving with a 4-level walkway, covering 1,150 square metres and featuring 27,000 linear metres of shelves
  • Pallet racking for 24,000 pallet positions

The combination of these systems proved to be the winning solution for Mall.CZ’s variety of products, which includes both light items and pallets.

The lightweight metal shelving is ideal for storing small goods, as it is modular and can be easily reconfigured to meet changing storage needs, while the industrial pallet racking offers maximum strength for heavy loads.
Both systems perfectly adapt to and integrate with’s diverse storage requirements, maximising the warehouse height (12.5 metres).

This is an outstanding achievement of which we are very proud. Thanks to ROSSS, the company has been able to optimise its storage capacity and improve warehouse efficiency, thereby providing an increasingly impeccable service to its customers.

Benefits achieved by Mall.CZ

The investment made by Mall.CZ to expand its storage warehouse has resulted in a series of tangible benefits for the company and its customers:

  • Improved storage capacity: thanks to the expansion, Mall.CZ will have more space to store various products, ensuring better management of peak demand periods and a consequent reduction in the risk of out-of-stock situations.
  • Optimisation of orders: the implementation of automated storage systems and more efficient industrial shelving will enhance the pick-and-pack processes, ensuring faster and more accurate deliveries for customers.
  • Greater flexibility: the warehouse expansion provides Mall.CZ with the ability to manage its product assortment more flexibly, introducing new product categories and expanding the offer to meet the needs of an ever-growing customer base.

Now, thanks to ROSSS’s Unizinc Click system, Mall.CZ can manage the logistics processes for up to 10,000 items per hour. Our intervention has made the company’s service to its customers faster and more efficient than ever.