CPL Concordia Soc. Coop.

Concordia sulla Secchia
Energy systems management and distribution
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Concordia sulla Secchia
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CPL Concordia optimises its storage areas thanks to ROSSS

CPL Concordia is a historical cooperative company in Italy, headquartered in Concordia sulla Secchia (MO), which specialises in the production, management and distribution of energy systems.

CPL Concordia, founded over 125 years ago, boasts a leading role on an international level in the methane industry, and today can count more than 1,600 employees in 10 branches.

The company produces complex technological installations in support of energy transition, including photovoltaic, biomethane, cogeneration installations, natural gas distribution installations and hydrogen and liquid natural gas production and supply installations.

CPL Concordia's challenges

CPL Concordia had the need to optimise the storing space, creating an area dedicated to the archiving and storage of the materials inside its own factory.

The goal was as clear as ambitious: taking advantage of the floor above the offices on the ground floor to increase the volumes for the storage, in an efficient and safe space.

Moreover, given the location of the company in Modena, it was fundamental to have an anti seismic structure.

What ROSSS did for CPL Concordia

ROSSS decided to get in the game to help CPL Concordia: to do that, we made a Mecano antiseismic mezzanine on two levels, a structure that could perfectly meet the space, safety and functionality needs of the company.

Mezzanine’s features:

  • Area: 20 m x 20 m
  • Levels: 2
  • Height:
    • First level: 3.5 m above ground
    • Second level: 6.5 m above ground


  • Double ramp staircase on two levels: for convenient access to the mezzanine by personnel.
  • Hoist: for the efficient transport of materials and people on both mezzanine levels.


  • First level: rusticated grating
    • It reduces every noise
    • It contrasts the accumulation of filth
  • Second level: perforated grating
    • It facilitates fire-fighting operations

Benefits achieved by CPL Concordia

  • Greater storage capacity: the two-level mezzanine doubled CPL Concordia’s storage area.
  • Anti-seismic safety: the mezzanine structure was designed and built to withstand seismic shocks, so as to guarantee maximum safety for people and materials.
  • Functionality and practicality: the double-ramp staircase, the freight elevator and the different types of grating on the two levels make the mezzanine practical, efficient and safe for different work activities.
  • High level of customisation: the mezzanine was made to measure by ROSSS for the specific needs of CPL Concordia, in terms of size, height, accessibility and kind of flooring.