Diocesi di Gubbio

Diocesi di Gubbio
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Diocesi di Gubbio
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Shelving for the Biblioteca e Archivio Diocesano Fonti

The Archivio Diocesano of Gubbio is home to more than 5,000 historical volumes. At ROSSS, we followed the production of a compact lightweight shelving system for the reading room and archive.

Archivio Diocesano's challenges

The Archivio Diocesano needed to find a solution that could guarantee the anti-seismic safety, integrate harmoniously with the prestigious architectural context and, at the same time, allow the creation of a new space dedicated to consultation and study.

What ROSSS did for the Archivio Diocesano

Gubbio asks, ROSSS answers: we provided a complete solution to the Archivio Diocesano di Gubbio for the preservation and archiving of its prestigious volumes and historical documents.

The structure includes:

  • Two Train compactable shelving systems:
    • Each 2.5 metre high, with seven load levels, for a total of 270 linear metres of storage.
    • Compact system that optimises space and provides easy access to volumes.
  • A Mecano anti-seismic mezzanine:
    • Area of 70 square metres, perfectly integrated into the building plan.
    • Reinforced structure with three vertical and five horizontal crosses to ensure maximum stability in case of a seismic event.
    • Customised railing according to customer requirements.

Benefits achieved by the Diocese of Gubbio

  1. Safe preservation of cultural goods:
  • Train’s compactable shelving systems and Mecano’s earthquake-proof mezzanine floor guarantee maximum security for the valuable volumes and historical documents of the Diocesan Archives.
  • The earthquake-proof structure of the mezzanine protects the cultural assets in case of an earthquake, while the compactable metal shelving system facilitates the access to the volumes in case of an emergency.
  1. Space optimisation:
  • Train’s compactable metal shelving system makes it possible to optimise archival space, increasing the capacity without sacrificing the accessibility to volumes.
  • The reorganisation of the archive spaces improved usability and overall efficiency.
  1. Better usability of cultural goods:
  • The new mezzanine and the Train industrial shelving facilitate the access to volumes and documents by scholars and researchers.
  1. Enhancement of cultural heritage:
  • The new spaces and metal shelving enhance the value of the volumes and historical documents kept in the archive.
  1. Reduction of the management costs:
  • The compactable system of Train metal shelving makes it possible to optimise the archive space, reducing the need for extensions.
  • The use of high-quality materials for the industrial metal shelving and the mezzanine guarantees greater durability, thus reducing maintenance costs.