Train allows you to improve the capacity of your archive, one wagon at a time.


Compactable shelving: yes, you can

We want to say “stop” to wasting space! Designing and assembling compactable shelving every time in a different way is no longer necessary. The Train by ROSSS is a ready-to-build, easy to assemble and expandable over time.

Thanks to its modular design, you can decide to add new wagons to the purchased configuration whenever you want. A metal shelving unit with superior performance, Train is available in various versions. Choose the model that fits your needs and be amazed by its safety, precision of movement, quietness and space optimisation. Train by ROSSS marks a new era of compact shelving: you change it when and as long as you want because the highest quality materials ensure its long life even with minimal maintenance.




The product is obtained from coils, through pressing and cold forming.

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The product is obtained from coils, through pressing and folding.

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The wheels are made of cast iron or fibre-reinforced composite. This allows precise and silent movements.

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Side panels

All moving parts of the Train are contained within the thickness of the space-saving side panel, thanks to its ergonomic and compact design.

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The advantages of a ROSSS product

Train features a unique all-wheel-drive system that exerts itself on each wagon, ensuring smooth and safe movement and eliminating the dangerous accordion effect of traditional traction systems.

Train uses a solid ground steel drive shaft with keyway splitting. The result is perfect traction with no backlash or failure over time, unlike poorer, less durable traditional solutions.

Train’s duraluminum rails provide the performance of steel, with one difference: they don’t rust. Their durability is aided by low maintenance, thanks to the plastic material of the supports that is self-lubricating.

Less inertia of movement means more safety: all this thanks to a new toothed belt, that replaces the traditional transmission chain.

Toothed belt with a specific conformation, but above all a new material: no longer metal, but rubber, for a higher level of safety.

You are safe from potential hindrances and collisions. The exclusive Train ROSSS internal chute of connection is always useful, but when it’s assembled with the flooring it’s also beautiful.

The use of sealed ball bearings as a support to the wheels guarantees a pleasant and precise usage of the all-wheel drive system. Maximum ease of movement and absence of friction, but also long duration and dust protection.

Iron wheels are an unbeatable solution for heavy weights, but for almost all Train versions we decided to innovate: composite wheels, ideal for new standards of quietness, reliability and smoothness.

Spacious and ergonomic. Thanks to the new compact design, Train ROSSS puts to work every inch of space, starting from the new arrangement of movement parts, contained in the thickness of the space-saving special side frame.

How many times has an assembly been interrupted because a component was missing? Starting today, this can no longer happen: Train is delivered in an assembly box, complete with every element needed to build its structure. A new convenience, with no surprises.

Bracings and anchors are long gone, and problems are avoided. With the absence of these two components in the new Train ROSSS design, you will no longer have to spend time and energy on their assembly operation, thus eliminating yet another critical issue.

This is one of the advantages of Train’s modularity: no more individually-made elements, but smaller modular structural elements that are easy to move and transport. Improved savings because of a smarter, more efficient system.


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