Delivery and assembly of metal racks

Reliability and speed, at your service

Between designing and installing, there’s delivery. The moment when the metal shelving is transported is a phase that requires the utmost attention. For this reason, we only rely on experienced suppliers who use state-of-the-art packaging, loading and unloading techniques to ensure that the materials arrive at their destination in perfect condition and ready for assembly, on schedule.

We know how important it is to receive your ready-to-use metal shelving in the shortest time possible. This is why our transportation service is adapted to your needs: whether it’s a planned delivery or an urgent shipping, we’re here for you.

Our teams have the knowledge, the professional qualifications and the required skills to monitor the installation phase of metal structures, lightweight and heavy industrial shelving, pallet racks, self-supporting warehouses, cantilever, compactable shelving, modular shelving and mezzanines. The assemby of ROSSS structures happens in full compliance with the legislation in force in the field and according to documented procedures.

We're sure of what we assemble

The assembly of industrial metal racking is a very delicate operation that calls into question the issue of safety. For this reason, we only turn to certified, industry-leading suppliers so that we can guarantee compliance with the regulations in force. Not only the safety of your warehouse depends on the assembly of the storage racking, but also the performance of the system, the reliability of its load capacity and its operation.

ROSSS is synonym of safety, reliability and efficiency. Which is why every work phase is performed with great care, applying all the requested quality standards to every procedure. The operators of our assembly team received a thorough education from skilled professionals, certified in the assembly of metal industrial shelving.