Steady update for high performances

Since a company is as good as the people it’s made of, our mission is to extend our values, experience and knowledge to the entire ROSSS community. Only through constant training, both of our staff, sales network and customers, we are able to guarantee the best safety for workers and spaces where we are present with our metal shelving solutions.

At the heart of your success is knowledge

The relationship with our customers doesn’t end with the assembly stage, but continues into the post-installation phases. In addition to compulsory periodic inspections, we dedicate professional training sessions to your staff to sharpen their knowledge of the steps to be taken to ensure the safe use of the racks, in accordance with state-of-the-art technology and regulatory guidelines.

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Learn to be safe rather than sorry

Even the best metal shelving needs future maintenance and upgrading. Knowing the latest innovations in the sector and the regulations in force is therefore essential to ensure the proper functioning of logistics systems and the growth of your company over time, as well as the safety of its workers.

Training the authorised personnel on the guidelines for use and maintenance is essential to avoid the misuse of structures, which can cause damages or excessive wear. Only through a regular maintenance and continuous updating will it be possible to give your industrial shelving greater durability and prevent workplace accidents.