Concrete ideas for tangible results

One small step for you, one giant leap for your warehouse. Choosing to design a shelving system is the first step towards greater logicistics efficiency for your business and having a well-kept warehouse, where everything is in order and all the stored products are easy to find and to access.

Since 1981, at ROSSS, we design, produce and install reliable, resistant and safe metal shelving for any type of activity and field, from food and dairy to automotive, pharmaceutical, wine, 3PL and many more. We believe that an effective organization of your storage areas is achieved not just through the correct definition of the different work zones, but also through the use of industrial shelving designed to reduce the time needed to access, locate and move materials and optimise available space.

Custom-made projects for your business

Our system is consumer-oriented, so your needs are at the core of the production process. We design and create both standard and personalised industrial shelving for your storage areas.

To begin, we need to take the measurements of your project. Then, we have to collect some precious information, such as the specifications of the spaces where your shelving will be assembled, the type of flooring and the kind of wares you have to stock to evaluate the corresponding load and bulk. Only then do we start to design the prototype of what the final solution for your order will be.

Don't worry, we've got you covered

Before designing your shelving, we keep in mind the environmental standards of the geographical area where your company is located. This is because if the installation needs to be set in a seismic zone, it’s essential to strive and follow the guidelines for the creation, the execution, the check and the securing of the metal shelving.

Our proposals of industrial shelving aren’t just simply designed with the utmost attention towards logistics and storage processes optimisation, but they also take into account all the specific technical regulations, including the antiseismic ones, without compromising what’s we have closest to our heart: your workers’ maximum safety.

Certified products, guaranteed security

The professional’s experience enables us to find unique solutions to peculiar problems. However, when it comes to the creation of industrial shelving, materials also play a key role.

We’re a proud Made in Italy business and, for this reason, all the materials used for the design and creation of medium, heavy and self-supporting shelving boast the “CE” mark, in full compliance with the legislation in force for the creation of industrial storage solutions.