Research and development

Research is our growth engine

At ROSSS, the R&D department plays a key role. That is why, to date, we can boast a total of 8 invention patents. But there’s more: constant research and innovation are the essential foundations for offering you state-of-the-art products. Whether it is a new solution or improvements to existing systems, we always work to ensure the best in terms of performance, competitiveness, safety and quality. In fact, our aim is to create a competitive supply chain for the design and construction of complex structures, such as self-supporting steel warehouses with high accommodation capacity. All validated by experimental tests and non-linear finite element numerical analysis.

Seeing is believing, always

One of ROSSS’ prides is being the only Italian business in the field of metal shelving to have therein an efficient and modern Testing Laboratory. Ensuring the absence of radioactivity in every purchased steel batch and the resistance of metal sheets are fundamental steps of our job, to guarantee safety to yours. This is exactly why we execute rigorous centered or eccentric testing on the single structural elements, on the upright-crossbar connection and on full-scale prototypes.

Numbers matter, but results are better

Math is never an opinion, even less when it comes to safety. We developed a non-linear numerical model to the finished elements capable of simulating the experimental trials on uprights subject to centred or eccentric compression. This has allowed us to extend the results of the empirical campaign on uprights, subject to normal centered or eccentric stress, also to other cases characterised by different eccentricity values. Our reliability goes beyond simple words, our reliability is scientifically proven.