Pharmaceutical industry

Industrial shelving at the front line

The pharmaceutical industry is a highly regulated field and inventory storage can’t lag behind. Metal shelving plays an important role when it comes to assuring the safety and quality of pharmaceutical products.

For this reason, relying on an expert partner like ROSSS can be the perfect solution for your business to satisfy the complex logistics and storage dynamics due to the peculiar characteristics of pharma products, which require suitable temperatures, timely delivery times and swift answers in case of emergency.

At ROSSS, we have a long-standing experience in designing and installing solutions for storage in the pharmaceutical industry.

Vital precision, with no margin of error

In the pharmaceutical industry, storage efficiency and precision are essential to guarantee a prompt and secure supply of medicines and medical products to those in need. Whether it’s the warehouse of a pharmaceutical company, a lab or a physical drugstore, businesses that operate in this field require storage systems that are capable of adapting to the delicate needs of every product.

This is why we often design storage solutions that use multi-system combinations, so as to answer to the different needs of our customers.

Why should you invest in a storage system for medicines?

Equipping yourself with a warehouse perfectly in order, in compliance with health and hygiene requirements, means working more efficiently and effectively, maximising the business’ profits.

The benefits of a ROSSS storage system allow you to:

  • Meet the strict requirements of temperature and control which are required for a correct preservation of pharmaceutical products.
  • Enhance the workflow logistics, allocating the inventory according to the rotation index of the products and allowing a better stock control.
  • Facilitate the organisation and accessibility of your inventory, facilitating the pick-and-pack phase to answer timely even in case of high order volumes.