Automotive industry

Optimise your space, maximise the performance

Organising a warehouse can be a real deal-breaker for many businesses operating in the automotive field. Whether it’s a plant for the assembly of vehicles, a garage of a car dealership for inspections and audits or a garage for maintenance, with accessories, spare parts and metallic components it’s easy to fill one, two or even three warehouses.

For this reason, relying on an expert partner like ROSSS can be the perfect solution for your business to organise spaces, maximise performance and reduce costs like rent and maintenance.

At ROSSS, we have a long-standing experience in designing and installing solutions for storage in the automotive and transport industry.

Many types of items, just as many solutions

Starting from heavier and bulkier units, like bumpers and chassis, to smaller component or parts with special needs, such as tires, the automotive field has very different requirements because of the several types of objects to organise.

That’s why we often design storage systems that use multi-system combinations, so as to answer to the different needs of our customers.

Why should you invest in a storage system for the automotive field?

Equipping yourself with a perfectly tidy warehouse or garage means working more efficiently and effectively, maximising the profits of your business.

The benefits of a ROSSS storage system allow you to:

  • Sort your inventory using vertical space and reduce encumbrances. This way, you’ll be able to quickly sort and access the different products and find the one you need, freeing up any floor space.
  • Enhance the workflow logistics, therefore reducing the time needed between one activity and the next, allowing you to do way more tasks in a shorter amount of time.
  • Prevent the damaging of goods. Your inventory is an investment, so: handle it with care! Guaranteeing the quality of your components, avoiding scratches, bruises and wear, it’s the first step towards a quality job for your clients.