Food industry

Optimise your space, minimise waste

In the food and beverage industry, due mainly to the perishability of its products, a reliable food and raw ingredients storage solution is the foundation of everything. Moreover, the regulations and laws for a correct conservation of food products make it even more important.

For this reason, relying on an expert partner like ROSSS can be the perfect solution for your business to ensure the products’ salubrity, to prevent food waste, and to reduce both the economic and environmental impact.

At ROSSS, we have a long-standing experience in designing and installing solutions for storage in the food and beverage industry.

Solutions for quick food rotation

Shelving for food can be widely used in the distribution and administration of food goods and meals. From retail distribution centres to production plants and warehouses, these structures facilitate product rotation, allowing a smooth and efficient turnaround of food products.

This is why we often design storage systems that use multi-system combinations, so as to answer to the different needs of our customers.

Why should you invest in a food storage system?

Equipping yourself with a perfectly organised warehouse, in compliance with health and hygiene requirements, means working more efficiently and effectively, maximising the profits of your business.

The benefits of a ROSSS storage system allow you to:

  • Sort your inventory using vertical space and reduce encumbrances. This way, you’ll be able to quickly sort and access the different products and find the one you need.
  • Enhance the workflow logistics, allocating the inventory according to the turnover rate index and other technical aspects to save time and increase productivity.
  • Guarantee order and cleanliness thank to the shelving, made with completely washable materials, resistant to the cold temperatures of refrigerating rooms and positioned in a partially raised way above ground.