Iron Fist pallet rack

The pallet racks with side frames with a load capacity up to 30,000 kg and with beams with flow range up to 4,500 kg per pair.


Different needs, one solution. Iron Fist is a new generation of pallet racks. The Iron Fist beams are produced with the latest technologies; the elimination of welding, thanks to the innovative molding process, has made beam and connector into a single element. The uprights are designed for any pallet load and also to withstand earthquakes.
Beams and urights provide a perfect combination for stability and safety, thanks to the high quality of the raw materials used and the attention to detail. The IRON FIST pallet rack shelving is obtained by assembling only two basic elements, side frames and beams, simply flush-mounted and without using bolts, joints or other components. The side frames are the vertical elements of the structure and are formed by uprights, diagonals and crossbars; the beams are the horizontal elements with closed rectangular section and constitute the support for the pallets.

Beams and uprights provide
a perfect combination for stability and safety

Discover the possible uses of Iron Fist: Pallet racks, carton flow, gravity, reel, rack.

Discover the advanatges of Iron Fist

Configure the warehouse according to your needs. Secure, robust, durable and easy to assemble, Iron Fist is the ultimate solution for heavy storage. Built, designed and patented by ROSSS
  • Enlargement of the vertical section of the connecting point between beam and upright (due to the crushing on that point). This permits to expand the angle between the pressure line and neutral axis.
  • Dual contact point of the beam on the upright (coupling teeth plus taper fit) instead of a single point of the traditional beams.
  • Taper fit coupling of the system, which, under pressure, increases the interlocking between the upright and beam.
  • Increased static strength thanks to greater sturdiness.
  • Greater dynamic impact resistance during handling of goods.
  • Absence of sharp edges.
  • Highly visible Violet colouring which is different from other conventional colours used for signs (red = hot water or superheated steam, green = acids, orange = chlorinated tube etc…)
  • The uprights feature an exclusive ground-anchor system, with stops on the feet, which guarantee stronger anchorage for increased safety in seismic conditions.
  • Uprights with Z200 galvanized zinc coating, which are safer than the market average, normally Z100. This gives maximum protection even on the cutting area thanks to an excellent effect of galvanizing dragging.
  • Elimination of welding with the innovative molding process.
  • Reduction in height of the beams maintaining the same load capacity and performance features.
  • Better use of space during transportation due to the absence of unused spaces. In addition, the side frames are shipped disassembled, as the crossbars and diagonals are assembled at destination. This saves a lot of space and therefore savings in shipping costs compared to the traditional system that delivered the side frames with already assembled crossbars and diagonals.
  • Reduction of the number of variants, thanks to the interchangeability of the beams with the measures of the upright. This implies the reduction of stock and thus a reduction of costs in addition to the possibility for the customer to re-use the beams even in case of change of the uprights series.
  • Greater adaptability of the system thanks to the fact that beam connection only requires 50 mm.
  • Particolare conformazione del bullone di fissaggio, autobloccante a testa quadra, per un blocco rapido in fase di avvicinamento del dado (elastic stop)
  • è disponibile con pronta consegna una vasta gamma di spalle e correnti.

Iron Fist Accessories

Thanks to a wide range of accessories, Iron Fist pallet rack is easily customisable to any system requirement:


The Iron Fist metal pallet rack comes in the following colours:

  • Galvanized / Magenta RAL 4003

Available on request

  • Galvanized / Blue RAL 5010
  • Galvanized /White RAL 9010
  • Galvanized / Metallic Aluminum RAL 9006
  • Galvanized / Yellow RAL 1021/li>
  • Galvanized / Grey RAL 7038
  • Galvanized / grey RAL 7026
  • Galvanized / Orange RAL 2004
  • Galvanized / RAL Colour


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Certified quality for our pallet racks

Made only with certified structural steels. Each structural ROSSS product is certified with CE mark
Diagonals and Horizontals

The steel used for the realization of the diagonal and horizontals is of 3.1 certificated structural type, S250GD Z140 with minimum unit yield stress of 250 N / mm2. The product is made from galvanized coils, through profiling.

Foot plates

The steel used for the realization of the foot plates is 3.1 certificate structural type, S235JR with minimum unit yield stress of 235 N / mm2. The product is obtained from pickled coils, by molding and subsequent galvanizing.


The steel used for the realization of the beams is 3.1 certificate structural type, S2375JR with minimum unit yield stress of 275 N / mm2. The product is obtained from tubular bars, by molding or welding.


The steel used for the realization of the uprights is 3.1 certificate structural type, S350GD+Z200 with the addition of Niobium, with minimum unit yield stress of 350 N / mm2. The product is made from galvanized coils, through moulding and profiling.


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