Tree Cheese

With its controlled flexibility, Tree Cheese is the first completely bolted anti-seismic shelving designed to store dairy products.

Tree Cheese-Laterale

Anti-seismic at controlled elasticity

Tree Cheese was created to meet the needs of companies producing Parmigiano Reggiano, Grana Padano, Trentingrana or any other cheese, with the aim of providing an extremely effective and, above all, safe solution in the event of an earthquake.

Controlled elasticity structure. The main quality of Tree Cheese is the shelf’s ability to absorb stresses, seismic and otherwise. This prevents the cheese wheels from slipping, guaranteeing unparalleled safety and excellent performance over time.

The design of Tree Cheese is the result of a long process of research, in which ROSSS invested lots of time and resources, with the aim of finding a solution that is as beautiful as it is safe.

In 1996, we installed the first seismic warehouses in Emilia Romagna and Umbria. Since then, we have worked on improving the technology, carrying out specific vibration table tests in Athens in 2006 and collaborating with prestigious Italian and European universities. After years of research and development, in 2012, at the beginning of September, around three months after the Emilia earthquake, we revolutionised the cheese storage industry by delivering the first earthquake-resistant warehouses for the dairy industry.

Tree Cheese-Frontale



The bolting of the base is a ROSSS patent. The use of special M16 bolts eliminates gaps between hole and bolt, ensuring a perfect base connection.


Made of certified structural steel, the arms are supplied in galvanised steel, then painted, to resist corrosive agents and ensure maximum safety for operators.

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The columns consist of two shaped and stiffened half-columns, made integral by self-bolting, then fixed to the floor by means of four fasteners. The result is a monolithic assembly that distributes the forces on the floor as evenly as possible.

Bracing Systems

We use only certified structural steel for bracing. These components are essential to ensure high performance standards for seismic resistance.

The advantages of a ROSSS product

Structural steels for strength on the edge of perfection. Tree Cheese is made exclusively of certified high-grade steel, which is also checked in our in-house analysis and testing laboratory.

Bolted structure for advanced sealing. Bolting does not suffer from the loss of tightness due to cyclical structural movements caused by seismic forces, offering excellent grip and unique flexibility.

In order to ensure the total safety of the racks, stored products and people working, ROSSS ensures that all steels used are free of radioactive contamination by using a Geiger detector.

No breakable triggers, no welding. An innovative structure, elastically designed in the to eliminate permanent plastic deformation of the components and offer greater and long-lasting earthquake protection.

No risk of slipping due to the elasticity of the structures in the two main directions. The inclination of the support surfaces towards the interior, where the formwork tube is located, avoids the risk of the cheese wheels slipping.

No reinforcement bracing towers. The bracing system evenly distributes the seismic stresses to the ground, does not stress the floor and allows for no loss of storage space if the warehouse is replaced.

Total interchangeability of the new structure compared to the old one. Tree Cheese was designed to fit inside existing warehouses, without the need to modify existing building structures and operating machinery already in use.

The same storage space. Even if the seismic area changes, Tree Cheese’s dimensions stay the same. Therefore, no cheese wheel space is lost, thanks to the homogeneous distribution of cross bracing systems.

Total compatibility with all industry machinery. Tree Cheese is designed to accommodate the thrust of the operating machinery by Ing. Ferretti S.r.l., providing “ready-to-use”, efficient and safe warehouse.

Tree Cheese + innovation = guaranteed success. Not only technical and safety features of the highest quality: the Tree Cheese by ROSSS has implemented an exclusive ventilation system, integrated into the air-conditioning system of the cheese ageing warehouse.

Properly modulated air for improved cheese ripening. The ladder column acts to diffuse and increase the modulated air from the Air Handling Units, thus ensuring the right microclimate around each individual cheese wheel.

No excessive ventilation on the surface of the cheese. How? Thanks to Tree Cheese Air and Tree Cheese Down Air: two models that guarantee capillary distribution of air temperature and humidity at every level, avoiding the risks of over ventilation.


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